Sunny San Diego, comics, and shooting reference.

Visited my Mama earlier this month and it was heaven to be in a place where the sun blazed in the sky and the weather was hot but cooled by an ocean breeze. I even got a tan. My only regret was I missed comic con by a week! I even had friends who were going to sneak me in.
Well, back home now and I’ve been working on finishing up a short comic for a zine I’m helping contribute to. Quite a learning experience in collaborating and busting my butt with a creative project on the fly. I’ll explain more when after the zine goes to the printers.
Here’s a sneak peek of one of the panels:
Right now I’m reworking another panel with a panic scene in where people are fleeing an incoming disaster but I was having a difficult time finding the right reference.
That’s when loved ones come in handy…

A: “Babe it’s time, the sun is perfect!”
G: “Okay. What do you want me to do?”
A: “Run around like a crazy person all along the street! Careful for those cars!”
15 min later…
G:”Is that good enough? The neighbors are starting to look at us like we’re cray.”
A: “Nope. Keep running. Can you freeze mid-run with your left leg up, about 5 paces back, looking down?”

Etc. Etc.

Here’s a bit of that reference shot I compiled in Photoshop.
What did we ever do before magic wand?
Anyways, till later!


Graham. Graham everywhere.

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