Printmaking work

When I first started CCA, I was a transfer student so I had very limited amount of electives I could take since I has so many credits fulfilled. I could of taken anything but I chose printmaking classes. Intaglio and wood cuts were my favorite methods. Intaglio is copper or zinc plates, scratched and then etched deeper in with an acid solution and those marks become part of the image. Woodcut is relief printing and the carved lines are the negative image. I loved Intaglio for the ability to make fine detail lines, it feels very much like drawing and woodcut for it’s lack of fine control and it’s rough results. Here are some prints I’ve created. I seem to like to create more conceptual work this way. Let me know what you think.
abby_rocha_whats_for_sale_sabby_rocha_medusa_sabby_rocha_queen_bee_s abby_rocha_child_soldier_s

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