A collective is born…

Hello there. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Lots of changes in life but now that I have my own studio I’ve been concentrating on the business side of things and trying not too be too much of a drawing hermit. Which brings me to this exciting bit of news..

I’ve joined a collective!

Together with a few good friends/illustrators/partners in crime we have launched a professional collective of like-minded illustrators. To what aim you ask? To take over the illustration world!

Well, not really but you get my drift.

We are pulling together our resources and fostering a creative space to thrive and grow while challenging ourselves to create art, even on the bad days. Especially the bad days (Thanks Neil).

I introduce to you: Team Stardust Illustration!

Chris Koehler

Galine Tumasyan

Michelle McNeil

Kristen Adam

And yours truly.

Our aim is to post new art every month and to do quarterly promotions to key art directors that we are interested in working with and to keep each other busy. This is key. At least for me.

Until next time,

Chica Artista

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