Ex-Libris Illustrations.

I love books. I used to be that meek bookish girl in the glasses with three different books in her backpack that would use archaic words like “hither” and “methinks” in regular conversation because fantasy books were chock-full of the stuff. Well, perhaps I’m still that girl just with a bit more on the social skills category, n’est-ce pas? Anyway, I got my books mainly from thrift stores and I remember getting excited whenever I spied a book with beautiful Ex-Libris bookplates. I would sit on the dirty floor tracing the lines with my grubby fingers.
A few months ago, when an assignment came around to make our own, I was thrilled. Here are my Ex-Libris bookplates, one of cat because, I’m a cat lover and the other, because my middle name is piña, or pineapple in Spanish.

abby_rocha_pina_exlibrisW abby_rocha_cat_exlibrisW


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