Inspirational Book Finds!

Artists are always on the lookout for inspirational illustrated books. Today at an estate sale near my house I found some amazing books. I took some home and after some research I realized I had found a gold mine of beauty!
First up is a 1953, German, first edition of Die kleine Seejungfrau (or, as we know it, “The Little Mermaid”) by Hans, illustrated by Sulamith Wulfing.
The illustrations are simply gorgeous! Here’s some pictures of the book. BookSulamith

BookSulamith_detail BookSulamith_plate

Second book find; “Posters by Maurice Sendak” (1986). He illustrated “Where The Wild Things Are”. Here is a picture of one of the pages:
Third book find; “Painters of Fantasy: from Hieronymus to Dali” (1974). Here’s a page from Gustave Dore:
The fourth book made me squeal like a fan girl! It’s not worth very much but it’s a book of drawings by a master of ink, Heinrich Kley.
Here is a page from “The Drawings of Heinrich Kley” (1961)


Thanks for looking! Next week I’ll post my Ex-Librium illustrations.

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